High-Conflict Custody Cases: North Shore Massachusetts Attorney


If you have serious concerns about the safety of your children with the other parent, of if you feel that your own fitness as a parent will be unfairly called into question in your divorce case, contact a knowledgeable lawyer at the North Shore law firm of Annette L. Baker & Associates. Your unique family dynamics and history will become the cornerstone of your custody battle and Annette L. Baker will spend the time required to familiarize herself with that dynamic. In many cases, the same reasons that led to divorce or separation will represent major factors in the determination of child custody or visitation issues: family violence substance abuse, or mental illness.

Our experience with the negotiated or courtroom resolution of difficult child custody disputes can give you a significant advantage, whether your goal is to ensure that the other parent's visitation with your child will take place under supervised conditions, or you need to defend yourself against charges of domestic violence or other conduct that could threaten your access to your children.

No matter what the circumstances of your child custody dispute might involve, you can count on us to give you honest counsel and to assert your interests forcefully in court whenever necessary in cases involving facts such as:

  • Relocation of a child to another state or other interference with visitation rights, parental rights, or a custody order of the court
  • Chemical dependency problems with alcohol, illegal drugs, or abuse of prescription drugs
  • History of family violence or domestic abuse, including violations of abuse prevention orders
  • Unstable or emotionally destructive sexual behavior, including promiscuity or succession of live-in companions
  • Diagnosed or apparent mental illness such as bipolar disorder, extreme depression, or other emotional or behavioral disorder

Difficult child custody or visitation disputes often arise and continue in a highly charged emotional atmosphere. No matter which side of the case you are on, we can help return the focus to the best interests and welfare of your children while developing and presenting the strongest and most persuasive case based on the evidence.

For additional information about our experience and resourcefulness in high-conflict child custody disputes, contact a lawyer at Annette L. Baker & Associates in Beverly.