Modification and Contempt Issues: North Coast, Massachusetts, Attorney


Long after a client's divorce or paternity matter has been resolved, attorney Annette Baker provides reliable advice about your rights to modify or enforce a family court order. At your first meeting, you will explain your unique circumstances and we will advise you on the range of possible legal outcomes. At Annette L. Baker & Associates, we help clients in custody, spousal support child support and visitation matters. Contact the law firm of Annette L. Baker & Associates in Beverly for skilled representation about your rights to modify or enforce a family court order or divorce decree.

Modification of Child Support

Family court orders relating to custody, child support, or visitation are inherently flexible, and either party can apply to the court for an order of modification based on a material change of circumstances. Conditions can change; contact the law office of Annette L. Baker & Associate for efficient and effective assistance.

The emancipation of a child, a change in a teenager’s primary residence, material changes of income for either parent, new medical or health care problems, or even the increasing expenses raising older children can support a modification of a child support order. We can assist you in identifying the likelihood that the change in circumstances in your situation will result in a favorable decision and then steadfastly work towards your goals whether through negotiation or litigation.

Modification of Spousal Support

The standard the court will apply when deciding whether to modifying an exiting alimony award or award of post divorce alimony will depend on the language in your original divorce decree. If you are seeking a modification or defending against an increase in your alimony obligation, call attorney Annette Baker for resourceful and experienced representation.

Enforcement and Contempt

Any intentional violation of a clear family court order, in circumstances where the party at fault had the practical ability to comply, can result in a contempt order calling for jail time, an order to make payments in default, an order to pay the other party's attorney's fees, and other penalties. Non payment of child support or alimony is punishable by a finding of contempt if the failure to pay was willful.

Every party to a Massachusetts divorce is at theoretical risk of contempt of court after the automatic restraining order goes into immediate effect upon filing for divorce, or receiving service of a complaint for divorce. The restraining order prevents you from any financial transaction out of the ordinary course of business. Intentional violations of the restraining order may be punished by an order of contempt of court. Failure to make a full and accurate disclosure of assets, manipulation of family business assets or ownership to the other spouse's disadvantage, or interference with the other spouse's court ordered parental rights can all be punished by a finding of contempt.

Whether you are seeking or resisting an order of contempt, we can advise you as to the strength of your position. We can help you resolve the issue without the need to take a claim or defense to court and perhaps even more usefully, we provide aggressive courtroom representation if other methods fail. For additional information, contact a lawyer at Annette L. Baker & Associates in Beverly.