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It is common knowledge that fathers face numerous disadvantages when it comes to child custody, paternity and child support disputes. Some of these disadvantages are institutionalized while others result from informal bias. It's important for dads to understand how these disadvantages may affect their rights in Massachusetts.

Helping Fathers Understand Their Rights And Challenges In Divorce And Paternity

If you are a father who is facing child custody or support proceedings, the Law Office Of Annette Baker can answer your questions and provide legal support. Please contact our law office in eastern Massachusetts to schedule a consultation.

Representing Fathers

We represent fathers in a variety of legal matters:

  • Domestic violence — While domestic violence is a serious problem, fathers often face false allegations in custody battles. Once a false charge is made, fathers can face an uphill legal battle in an effort to obtain child custody rights that will allow for an ongoing father-child relationship.
  • Paternity actions Until a court order establishes an unwed father's custody, the mother has sole physical and legal custody of the child. The father needs to pursue a court order to obtain paternity and custody and visitation rights.
  • Child custody — Often, parents opt for the traditional arrangement whereby a father earns the majority of income and the mother provides the majority of direct care to the child. The mother is therefore the child's "primary caretaker" and has an advantage over the father in custody disputes.

While new legislation may lead to new presumptions regarding fathers' rights, fathers' historical disadvantages remain. Lawyer Annette L. Baker can provide knowledgeable legal counsel and aggressive legal representation to fathers concerned about their civil and constitutional rights in divorce disputes.

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