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The divorce legal process is a hazy and confusing concept for many divorcing individuals. Perhaps you anticipate hearings and conferences, but what are they called and what are they really for? And how do you prepare for them so that you can pursue your desired outcome?

Contact attorney Annette L. Baker of the Boston area Law Office Of Annette Baker for committed and hands-on assistance for hearings in Suffolk County, Essex County and Middlesex County in Massachusetts. Attorney Baker is an experienced Beverly family law lawyer who has accompanied hundreds of clients to family law hearings, including:

  • Motion hearings
  • Contempt hearings
  • Pretrial conferences
  • Status conferences
  • Review hearings
  • Courtroom trials

You do not have to attend family law hearings alone and unprepared. When your scheduled hearing occurs, attorney Baker will have already familiarized herself with your concerns and goals. She can meet you at the courthouse, put you at ease with her familiarity with the administrative process and work to advocate for your interests. She can also work to save you time and money by advocating for a soon-as-possible time slot.

At the Law Office Of Annette Baker, our goal is to protect your best interests. This may mean that we choose to advise that you prepare for and attend your hearing on your own rather than attending it with us, in order to help you save money. Either way, you'll arrive at your Suffolk, Essex or Middlesex County family law hearing prepared and with realistic expectations. For more information, please contact me.

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