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Attorney Annette Baker puts her clients first, period. When you retain her to represent your interests in a divorce, she concentrates first on helping you identify your objectives, express your concerns, and understand the full range of your rights and responsibilities under Massachusetts family law. Having helped edit the Massachusetts Practice (3d ed.) volumes on family law (by Charles Kindregan and Monroe Inker) used by lawyers throughout the Commonwealth, Annette Baker has the detailed knowledge of the legal possibilities and limitations that will aid in defining your immediate and long-range goals. Whether your divorce looks like it will be simple or complex, smooth or contentious, our firm provides the sound advice and clear guidance you need to get through a difficult experience.

For practical, flexible, and highly knowledgeable representation in a Massachusetts divorce case, contact the family law Beverly, Massachusetts office of Annette L. Baker & Associates. We represent clients on Boston's North Shore, Cape Ann, and the Merrimack Valley.

Working Closely with People and Families facing Divorce

Once you know what you need to protect and want to achieve in your divorce, our law firm goes right to work on your behalf and keeps you informed and involved every step along the way. If your objectives with respect to property division, alimony, child custody, or other issues can be accomplished through a negotiated divorce settlement, that's fantastic. If they can't be, Annette Baker has a well-earned reputation as a tough and skillful courtroom advocate.

Among the issues she and her staff can handle in a divorce case are:

Divorce Mediation and Negotiation - Avoiding a Costly, Lengthy Divorce

Ms. Baker is an excellent negotiator. She has learned that in most instances the fewer issues left for the court to decide, the better for the parties. If you can reach agreement, all parties benefit.

Our referral base reflects the quality of our work: recommendations from former clients, referrals from former opponents, and engagements from clients whose original attorneys failed to provide closely engaged service, or who assumed incorrectly that difficult issues would work themselves out.

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Whether you are the one filing for divorce, or if you have received a summons and complaint and need immediate advice, contact Annette L. Baker & Associates in Beverly's Cummings Center.