Divorce for Seniors: Attorney In North Shore, Massachusetts


Legally, a divorce is a divorce, regardless of age. Divorcing seniors, though, face challenges that are largely unique to their demographic. For instance:

  • Seniors can't usually "start over" financially. The time to amass savings is the past. The time to protect savings is now.
  • Seniors more often were in long-term marriages. Often the marriage produced children. The emotions that result from the dissolution of long-term marriages and that involve children can be overwhelming.
  • Seniors often face pressing health concerns. Questions of medical insurance and income can therefore be of pressing importance.
  • Seniors often possess larger than average assets. Seniors therefore need legal help from a lawyer who is experienced in protecting high-value property.

If you are a senior facing divorce in Massachusetts, contact an experienced divorce for seniors attorney in Boston. I am Annette L. Baker of the Law Office Of Annette Baker, and I can provide you with the diligent and knowledgeable legal assistance you need.

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As an experienced divorce attorney, I have assisted dozens of divorcing senior citizens protect their rights regarding retirement assets, real estate, health insurance, Medicaid and alimony. Your retirement assets may already be serving as a source of income, and your emotional bond with your home may be strong. I can provide aggressive and strategic legal assistance to protect your rights and future. Learn more about them by contacting my Beverly office.

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