Hiring a Divorce Lawyer: A North Shore, Massachusetts, Law Firm


A divorce can quickly lead to a search for a divorce attorney. At that point, emotional confusion is usually joined by legal confusion and by frustration regarding whom to hire and why.

Choosing a family law lawyer doesn't have to be difficult or frustrating. At the Law Office Of Annette Baker, we can help.

We begin by assuring you truthfully that you may not need an attorney. Are you faced with a non-contested guardianship matter, an interfamily adoption, a short-term marriage or other matter that likely won't involve a dispute? We are not money grabbers. We don't grab "an easy thousand" by providing unneeded services. We also frequently return portions of our retainer fee. A frequent reply to our advice and services? "Thank you for being so honest."

Another important consideration is to contact a divorce lawyer quickly. Regardless of whether you'll need a lawyer's services, it's helpful (or crucial) to know your rights as soon as possible. By familiarizing yourself with all reasonable options, and by getting someone on your side quickly, you increase your chance for a best possible outcome.

Attorney Baker can knowledgeably address important questions. Should you move out of the home? Rent an apartment? Continue contributing to your retirement account? It's important to make the right decisions now, at the beginning of your divorce proceedings or other family law legal matter.

Don't delay. Little decisions now can have big impact later. For more information, contact us in our Beverly office.

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