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Gay divorcing couples in Massachusetts face, in many ways, a simplified parting now that same-sex marriage is legal in our state. Yet unique complications remain. For instance, how can federal pensions be handled in light of the federal government's failure to recognize same-sex marriages? How can gay parents protect their custody rights if they have not legally adopted their child or children? And will courts determine which property be divided?

I am Boston same-sex divorce attorney Annette L. Baker of the Law Office Of Annette Baker, and I have worked with dozens of same-sex couples struggling with the complexity of divorce in Massachusetts.

I place your divorce goals at the top of my priorities, and I am skilled and committed in the pursuit of protecting your rights. I can work to enhance your rights and outcome by navigating the many factors that can affect your outcome. For instance:

  • Are you concerned because you have not formally adopted your child? Your rights may be in jeopardy, but if you have functioned as the primary caretaker you may have substantial custody rights.
  • Are you concerned about federal benefits? Even if you do not have rights to your partner's federal benefits, you may be able to offset them by pursuing other assets in their place.

In the end, a large majority of issues that same-sex couples face in divorce are identical to those faced by straight couples. Tax and valuation issues can still apply, and a misstep can cost you a fortune. I can provide the aggressive and knowledgeable legal help you need. For more information, please contact my Beverly office.

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