North Shore, Massachusetts, Contested Divorce Lawyer


For highly responsive and knowledgeable representation on a wide range of divorce and family law issues, contact the Law Office Of Annette Baker.

Attorney Baker will place your interests, goals and confidence at the top of her priorities. How? She will start by treating you respectfully and by returning your phone calls, and then she will work with you to:

  • Explain your full range of options
  • Help you define your family law problem and objectives
  • Pursue a favorable result by working with you to develop a tactical strategic

Working to Keep Your Costs Low

Individuals facing family law issues are under a great deal of stress. Worries about high legal fees just contribute to anxiety.

As a solo practitioner, attorney Baker will never double up your fees by having multiple lawyers working on your case. And, since our rates are competitive, we are consistently successful in controlling costs.

Diverse Methods. A Diverse Clientele.

At the Massachusetts Law Office Of Annette Baker, our clientele is highly diverse and includes:

  • Business owners with asset valuation problems
  • High net worth divorce clients with complicated tax questions
  • Parents with child custody or support problems
  • Clients involved on either side of domestic violence allegations

Our Boston area clients' varying needs demand individual solutions. We achieve many favorable outcomes through negotiation, but whenever the prospects of an agreement break down, we have no hesitation at all about taking your case to court. The transition from an atmosphere of compromise to one of attack and defense can be abrupt. Our ability to handle this change can represent an important advantage to our clients.

Contact Us: A Unique Firm in a Unique Location

We work in Beverly's Cummings Center, an award-winning restoration of the former United Shoe Machinery plant. The Cummings Center features free parking, easy access by the MBTA bus and North Shore commuter rail, and convenient access via routes 1-A, 62 or 128.

We accept all major credit cards, and we are easily reached: simply call 978-712-4268 or complete the online form on our contact us page.