How to Choose the Right Attorney: Changing Lawyers in Boston


The details of your divorce case will be personal, yet your divorce lawyer will be unable to fully represent you unless he or she is fully familiar with your case and the circumstances behind your divorce. This means that you need to be comfortable with your attorney and to trust him or her.

Boston attorney Annette L. Baker of the Law Office Of Annette Baker has built a successful family law practice in Beverly due both to her legal skills and her easy going, familiar way with our clients. People describe her as "comfortable," "unassuming" and "down to earth." Most importantly, they say they can sense that she really cares. The result? Clients are able to share needed information that leads to a stronger case.

The Need to Change Attorneys Is Regrettable but Sometimes Necessary

You chose your family law lawyer for a reason, and the decision has been made. Further, money and time have been invested.

If your attorney is unresponsive and unprepared, though, and is not interested in case, it may make sense to consider changing lawyers. If you need help with this, contact us.

Attorney Baker is not interested in "case grabbing." In fact, we will likely advise you to have a "come to Jesus/all or nothing meeting" with your current attorney. If you are dissatisfied with your current lawyer, though, it's important that you know your full options as you proceed.

At our firm you will receive aggressive and engaged help from an attorney who cares about your case, returns your calls and focuses her energy on achieving your best result. You will also work with a lawyer who is accustomed to jumping into a family law case "mid stream" and ready to step in and fill a former and inadequate attorney's shoes. For more information, contact us in our Beverly office.

You Need To Be Able To Trust Your Divorce Lawyer: Contact Us

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