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As a divorcing person with marital real estate property, you face numerous decisions. How will the value of real estate property be valued? How will it be divided? And who can handle the numerous steps that the division of property requires?

Boston real estate division attorney Annette L. Baker of the Law Office Of Annette Baker has handled hundreds of divorce cases in Massachusetts and can provide legal representation aimed at maximizing your share of your real estate holdings.

Why Choose the Law Office Of Annette Baker to Handle Your Divorce

Real estate property does not necessarily need to be divided during a divorce. Often, one spouse can receive other marital property of a value equal to the couple's real estate portfolio. However property is divided, it is essential to have property accurately valued.

Property is valued by an appraiser, and values can vary widely depending on the appraiser. Attorney Baker uses highly respected and competent real estate appraisers to obtain valuations that are accurate so that clients' best interests can be pursued.

We Can Manage Your Entire Case While Guiding You Through Important Decisions

During divorce, it is natural and smart to work to maximize the property you retain during and after the divorce process. This does not mean, though, that it always makes sense to attempt to retain a large home or investment property if you are not accustomed to caring for them or if the maintenance costs will be high.

I can help you assess which property division options make the most sense for you. Lump sum buyouts may work better for you than the retention of rental or commercial property. I can also handle property transfers, the registration of deeds and other steps necessary once decisions are made. For more information, please contact me.

Contact Us: Explore Your Range Of Possibilities Regarding Property Division

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