What Our Clients Say


Attorney Annette Baker is competent and level headed no matter how emotional the issues in divorce and family law might appear to her client. She is quick to understand, compassionate and clever in her thinking, getting to a solution. Her firm's standards and abilities surpass any of the stars at major Boston law firms.

Dealing with a divorce can be a difficult experience

I needed a lawyer to be supportive and be by my side. I was referred to Annette Bakers' Law Firm from an associate of mine. I gave Annette a call and set a day and time for a consultation. I met with her and she explained the process that I had to go through and was very thorough. I explained my situation to her and she understood seeing that she was has been through similar situations. I made up my decision at that point that I wanted her to represent me. Throughout the entire divorce process she has been by my side and any question that I had, I would call her and if she was not there, she would get in touch with me as soon as she could. (always within a couple of hours or so). If I needed a shoulder to cry on she was there. Annette is a caring and understandable person. My divorce has been final now for some months, but up to this day, if I have any questions about situations I may still be going through with my x-spouse she is still there for me.


Attorney Annette,

I can't thank you enough for your support during a very difficult time in my life. Your professionalism was impressive; however, your personal touch was of more significance to me. I appreciate you and your staffs' delicate touch and it made this experience less painful for me. I fully trusted you and you were invaluable to me.

It was so important to me to find the right attorney and I did!




I was embroiled in a nightmarish divorce resolution, involving a battle over the conclusion of child support even for adult children and division of the marital property, ten years after the original divorce decree. I suspect that mine was one of the most complex and crazy cases Annette has ever had to handle, and she did an incredible job. She responded promptly to emails and phone calls (even while away from the country on vacation), never misled me, prepared me fully at every turn, reassured me when I really needed it, and was both tough with the opposition and compassionate with me and my children as circumstances required. Needless to say, I "won" the case after Annette helped ensure the most positive possible outcome to a horrible situation. We even shared a few laughs along the way. Do not hesitate to hire her!