What can I expect from the first meeting of divorce mediation?

What can I expect from the first meeting of divorce mediation?

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Massachusetts couples who choose mediation to resolve their divorce can benefit from a process that affords them greater control over their divorce and a chance at a more amicable parting. But if you not familiar with divorce mediation, you might not know what to expect from your first meeting with a mediator. Typically, an initial meeting is to set the table for what your mediator will discuss with you and your spouse as you go through the mediation.

FindLaw lays out what the first meeting of divorce mediation is generally like. At the initial meeting, the couple and the mediator will talk about the issues that need to be addressed in subsequent sessions. The meeting, like the meetings to follow, will typically last from one to two hours. Once the issues are identified, the mediator and the couple will talk about the information that needs to be pooled together and shared.

After the meeting is concluded, the couple will be tasked with gathering documents that contain the information needed for future sessions. This information will include financial documentation relevant to the divorce process. If needed, the couple may have to seek out expert opinions if they need to valuate expensive property or if they need accountants to handle complex financial and tax matters.

The meetings to follow will address the issues you and your mediator have identified, with the aim of finding solutions to each issue. The mediator will try to facilitate productive talks and keep the couple focused on problem-solving and away from petty arguments that could derail the process. When necessary, the mediator will discuss how the law relates to the issues at hand.

Since divorcing couples will have differing needs, do not read this article as actionable legal advice. It is intended solely to provide information on this topic.