How mediation helps bring about conscious uncoupling

How mediation helps bring about conscious uncoupling

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Celebrities have helped introduce their fans living in Massachusetts to the concept of “conscious uncoupling.” According to The Cut, when one well-known celebrity couple announced their legal separation to the world, they voiced their intent to enter into an amicable divorce while keeping their kids’ best interests as their priority. This may have been the beginning of the interest in working out a new way of ending a marriage.

With pundits and critics discussing whether conscious uncoupling is an option for the average marital union, more spouses who are considering divorce are discovering that it is. Because of the rise in popularity for a smooth and relatively painless divorce procedure, a growing number of husbands and wives may turn toward mediation to help them uncouple from their marriages.

How mediation works

Mediation is a process by which a couple enters into discussions regarding how they would like to end their marriage positively and split up their property to best meet each other’s needs. Through a series of sessions with a professional mediator, agreements may be negotiated for separating assets, assuming child custody and providing alimony or child support. Engaging in productive conversations with a soon-to-be ex-spouse helps in reducing some of the uncertainty that typically comes with a major life change.

Mediation advantages

Divorce traditionally involves a period of separation, preparing lengthy paperwork and sometimes surprising a spouse with a request for litigation. In more amicable circumstances, a couple may attempt to work out their differences by attending marriage counseling sessions, but it may only elongate the process rather than fix underlying issues. Although a legal filing with the court is also required to finalize a divorce, a process of constructive mediation leading up to it can help things go smoother.

Sadly, a court battle could become a grueling experience due to the added stress of emotional turmoil, financial uncertainty and the upheaval taking place. The process affects the family’s overall living arrangements. Children, pets and relatives may sense some hostility between the couple and begin to develop their own set of problems. Mediation, however, allows a couple an opportunity to bypass some of the anxiety and move on positively with their separate lives.