Can you have a happy divorce?

Can you have a happy divorce?

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Divorce is supposed to be depressing and fueled by anger, right? That is what many people think about this legal process, but it does not have to be that way. You can have a happy divorce in Massachusetts. The key is for you and your spouse to commit to keeping things civil and upbeat.

According to Time, the happy divorce movement is led by Generation X, who largely grew up with parents who went through bitter divorces. They do not want to put their children through that pain and suffering. So, they look for ways to keep the divorce a minor inconvenience at best.

Protecting the children

Gen Xers know the anguish of living through a parent’s divorce, and they want nothing more than to protect their children from that. So, they are not trying the old way of staying together for the kids. Instead, they recognize they can no longer be in a marriage together and are taking steps to divorce while also remaining a loving family.

Conscious uncoupling

The idea of conscious uncoupling is basically a happy divorce. There is not arguing and only the least amount of change for the children. The parents bear the burden of the divorce.

In this type of divorce, couples remain a family even though they are not married. They will continue to sometimes even live together. They have family functions, such as holidays, together.

Some couples even take it a step further. If one parent decides to remarry, he or she leaves the children out of it. The parents parent together and then live their lives with their spouse separately.

The idea of a happy divorce is often hard to understand because it relies heavily on you and your spouse having a dedication to remaining in each other’s lives for the children. You have to put the kids first in everything you do to make this concept work.