Resolving custody disputes through mediation and shared parenting

Resolving custody disputes through mediation and shared parenting

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In Massachusetts, mediation may provide an effective way to avoid stressful child custody conflicts. This might be a way for you to help ensure that your children do not suffer any negative effects from your divorce procedure. At the North Shore law firm of Annette L. Baker & Associates we understand that each family has its own unique dynamics, and resolving your issues may require more than attending a systematic child custody hearing.

Keeping your children calm throughout the marriage dissolution may be your number one priority. After deciding to proceed with a legal separation, it’s best to not subject children to unnecessary stress and emotional turmoil. A splitting couple might decide that the most workable approach is to separate and make arrangements for sharing custody of their children.

Shared custody provides kids with an opportunity to understand that their parents are separating, but it may also help them to avoid the potentially traumatic effects of a severed marriage. Negotiating a shared parenting schedule appears to work for celebrity couples who want to resolve their issues quickly. They may choose to divorce through negotiation and a shared child custody arrangement without the interference of a high-profile legal fight, as reported by WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate of Washington, D.C.

Relatives, friends or other individuals who have an established relationship with the children or family might influence custody matters. Rather than dragging children through an emotionally-charged dispute over new living arrangements and parenting time, a couple may instead make their separation a private affair through mediation.

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have already begun discussing your children’s future living arrangements, mediation may help you to move forward quickly. Our page on child custody and support provides more information on the issues you may need assistance with during the marriage dissolution process.