Will shared custody benefit your child?

Will shared custody benefit your child?

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Are you a parent in Massachusetts who is getting a divorce? It is important for you to consider what post-divorce custody situation will benefit your child the most. Many studies have recently shown that shared custody might be more beneficial, and today we will examine that claim.

FindLaw states that there are benefits and pitfalls to both sharedcustody and sole custody. Generally speaking, whether the benefits or drawbacks are more important will depend on your unique circumstances and what will ultimately benefit your child the most.

Speaking of benefits, shared custody has many. For example, children of shared custody are shown to have fewer behavioral problems, less trouble adjusting to life in the aftermath of a divorce, and more success making healthy relationships with their peers.

Not only that, but they tend to have a lessened risk of lashing out against authority figures. Children of sole custody may be more inclined to get into trouble at school or, in more extreme situations, with the law. They tend to have more issues with depression, anxiety, or even PTSD after a divorce. By contrast, children of shared custody have stronger coping skills, and a shorter and smoother adjustment period.

Children of shared custody also tend to have better relationships with both parents. This seems to lead to an overall stronger sense of stability, which may contribute to the factors mentioned above.

Despite these benefits, whether you decide on sole or shared custody will depend on your personal situation. If you want help deciding, consider contacting an attorney who can go through the pros and cons with you in detail.