The tools to create your future

The tools to create your future

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It is natural to approach divorce with a focus towards the past. However, we believe that our divorce practice at the Law Office Of Annette Baker is more about the building solid futures for Massachusetts family. For families with children, calculating child support is one of the critical steps towards planning for what is to come. 

If you do not know where to start when it comes to child support, we would suggest that you start with the facts. It is important not to look at general information or stories from other divorced individuals, but rather at unique needs of your family. 

To help begin this process, we provide several resources for our clients. One of them is this child support guidelines worksheet. 

This worksheet may seem complicated at first, and it is true that there are many interrelated factors that could affect monthly child support amounts. However, you should find that it is quite easy to get this initial stage completed once you begin filling out the form with proper guidance. 

The fact is that this worksheet is highly simplified when compared to the interactive and personalized process of determining child support in Massachusetts. As mentioned before, your case deserves a solution that works specifically for your family and gives your children the best possible future. This worksheet is a starting point towards that end goal. 

It is important to get these agreements right the first time. Although child support notifications are sometimes possible, it is easier to take the time initially and establish guidelines that work for everyone. Please continue reading on our main website.