4 individuals who are good candidates for divorce mediation

4 individuals who are good candidates for divorce mediation

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At one time or another, you may have thought about sticking it to your spouse in divorce court. Nonetheless, real-life court battles are often different than they appear on the big screen. In fact, a growing number of couples are opting to dissolve marriages through another type of dispute resolution. 

Divorce mediation allows divorcing spouses to meet with a third-party mediator to come up with a way to wrap up their marriages. Still, mediation is not right for every divorcing couple. Here are four individuals who are likely good candidates for it: 

1. A husband who values privacy

Virtually nobody enjoys airing dirty laundry. Still, divorce court proceedings have a way of bringing out the worst aspects surrounding husbands, wives and marriages. If you value discretion, divorce mediation may allow you to keep private matters private. 

2. A wife who is willing to talk

While you may no longer wish to be with your spouse, you may not have had a complete communication breakdown. If you are willing to negotiate in good faith and to talk about important matters, divorce mediation provides the means. 

3. A husband who wants to save money

Even though your divorce may seem to be the biggest event in your life currently, it will eventually be over. When it is, you want to be on solid footing for a successful financial future. While divorce mediation is not free, it is usually a considerably less-expensive alternative to divorce court. 

4. A wife who wants to maintain control

When dissolving a marriage, protracted court battles are sometimes necessary. Still, any time you involve a judge and attorneys, you lose some control. Divorce mediation allows you to retain some command over the situation. For example, you have a direct say in which assets you want to keep and which you do not mind surrendering. 

While divorce mediation is not right for every couple, it has many advantages over conventional divorce proceedings. By understanding who makes a good candidate for mediating a divorce, you can choose the best path for you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.