How can shared custody benefit your child?

How can shared custody benefit your child?

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Divorcing Massachusetts parents often struggle with custody matters. Who should your child stay with? Should you opt for sole or shared custody? Today we will take a look at why shared custody may be a good option and what the potential benefits are. 

First of all, shared custody has study-backed benefits for children of divorce. Many children of shared custody have fewer problems adapting to life post-divorce. They are less combative, irritable and angry. They have a smaller chance of suffering from depression or anxiety. They also experience fewer issues with their peer groups or figures of authority. 

It is not uncommon to see children of sole custody developing an opposition to authority. They may also spurn classmates, friends or other people close to their age. Many struggle to develop and nurture new relationships. Because of this, some become reclusive and antisocial. 

Another benefit to shared custody is that it maintains a stronger foundation for your child. They have both parents to continue relying on for reassurance and support. This stability often makes it easier for them to function in all aspects of their life. Having the support of both parents also allows them to foster healthy familial bonds. Studies have shown that this is a key piece of a child’s development. 

Figuring out child custody is important to any divorcing parent. Reading about custody and matters of divorce in general can help with decision-making. If you are curious about any of these topics, you can follow the link above. It will take you to our web page on custody and parenting time.