Things to think about when deciding on mediation

Things to think about when deciding on mediation

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After having shared their lives together, most couples already know who uses a particular asset or property and how each individual feels about it. Embarking on an extended courtroom divorce procedure may appear redundant and possibly counterproductive if discussions of property division are not disagreeable and do not lead to arguments. 

Couples may find the process of mediation quicker and easier to navigate when soon-to-be ex-spouses have workable plans for supporting themselves. They should both have a reasonably accurate idea of how much income each individual requires to meet his or her expenses. 

As reported by Forbes magazine, mediation is a much smoother process because it may remove the need to sell or liquidate assets that could incur a tax liability. Mediation also makes it possible to arrange for child support or alimony on an individual basis rather than applying the court’s standard calculation for awarding financial obligations. 

How the mediation process works 

Dissolving a marriage through mediation generally requires negotiation sessions between each spouse and a mediator. Instead of allowing a Massachusetts family court judge to decide on property division and support obligations, both individuals may come to an agreement on their own terms. Personally deciding who takes ownership of property can lead to a more reasonable and mutually agreeable outcome than a family court judge dividing everything under the state’s equitable distribution process. 

Dissolving a marriage quickly and amicably 

For separating parents, mediation can give parents a better chance to put their kids first rather than thinking about themselves. The mediation process involves having as many meetings as necessary to discuss the issues thoroughly instead of working through high-pressure and time-sensitive court proceedings. 

Resolving the matters of post-divorce terms with input that each spouse finds personally important may help separating couples move forward while maintaining the positive aspects of the marriage. Separating from a former significant other can be stressful enough on its own; mediation may allow both individuals to move on to a new and separate life without residual negative feelings.