How to stop a divorce

How to stop a divorce

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According to Glamour, a person should not beg their partner to stay, give them another chance or promise them to change. Doing so may make them appear unattractive and desperate. Similarly, they should not agree to move out. When they decide to separate, it becomes a practicing divorce. When their spouse wants to leave, they may not be able to stop them. However, they should not be the one to go.

Besides, they should avoid talking about their partner with their friends or family. They will turn against the spouse, and even when they manage to reconcile; it may be tough to keep the relationship. Also, family and friends may often encourage them to leave. Furthermore, they should control their anxiety. They may do so by talking to a therapist or visiting a doctor for medication.

According to Psychology Today, they should prepare for action by making an action plan. Similarly, they should abandon the urge to play the victim. When they play the victim, they may lose in regaining the affection of their spouse. Guilting their partner may end up leaving them depressed instead of mending the relationship.

Besides, they should clarify what they feel needs to change in the relationship. A person may do this by listing all the complaints, disagreements, and criticisms that they may recall. Afterward, they may go over the list with the partner while keeping their tone neutral. Additionally, they should feel and be at their best. Doing so may rekindle romantic feelings and may stop the divorce. Furthermore, they should know the hurt feelings and resentments that their spouse carries that may be the factors leading to a divorce. Then, they may apologize.