Why use divorce mediation?
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Why use divorce mediation?

| Mar 6, 2020 | Firm News |

Why should you use mediation instead of the courts? Well, there is a simple answer for that. According to Divorce Magazine, you will get a better result in mediation, and it will cost you a whole lot less. When you go through a divorce, you have a number of options. The worst option is to go out and hire an attorney and let the attorney run the show. Unfortunately, that is what too many people do. That is a guaranteed way to have a very expensive divorce that costs you a lot of money. 

Divorce is actually quite simple. It consists of four distinct areas: child custody, child support, division of net worth and alimony. These are the four areas that you have to settle. You and your spouse can go to court and fight over these items, or you can go to mediation and settle these items yourself. Oftentimes, a mediator will act as a referee between you and your spouse, and help you settle. This is a much cheaper way to get a better result. Divorce does not have to be complicated, and it does not have to be expensive. 

Mediation is the next best step in mediation. You will have an independent, impartial person who will hear both sides and help you through the process, often at a fraction of what court would cost. In addition to being cheaper, mediation is also faster. There is no reason why you cannot settle your divorce very quickly. The court, on the other hand, will take months. If you use mediation, however, you can often settle your divorce in just weeks for less than $1000.