How mediating your divorce helps your family

How mediating your divorce helps your family

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Not all divorces wind up proving highly acrimonious and costly. Instead, many people are working through asset division, making custody arrangements and otherwise disentangling their lives from one another’s through mediation, rather than through a traditional divorce process.

Mediation involves you and your ex coming together to sort through the same matters you would with your own attorneys, but instead, you share a single mediator who helps you navigate the process. The mediator serves as an unbiased third party who is not there to help one party or the other, but rather, to give both parties involved a fair shake. Here are two important ways mediating your divorce may help your family.

By saving you money

Mediating your divorce is almost always a cheaper alternative to a traditional divorce. In some cases, it has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars. Mediation generally involves taking a cooperative approach to splitting up, rather than an adversarial one, and it may help you avoid wasting time arguing over every last asset and detail.

By easing the strain on your children

Just as watching parents fight has the potential to hinder a child’s emotional well-being, watching parents work together – even after they have split – has the potential to do the opposite. A high-conflict divorce may also divert a parent’s time and financial resources away from the children, whereas mediation may help preserve them.

Many former couples part ways because they simply grow out of love with one another or find themselves moving in new directions. If this describes your circumstances, you may be a good candidate for mediation.