How yoga can help during a divorce

How yoga can help during a divorce

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If you like yoga, you may find a new use for it as you go through your divorce. Yoga has a reputation for being beneficial in many ways for the mind and body. Almost anyone can do it because it is easy to alter moves for those who have physical limitations. This likely contributes to its popularity, making it something that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy doing. 

Using yoga may soothe your mind and keep you strong at a time when you are under stress and feeling out of sorts. In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that practicing yoga may help you as you move through this trying time in your life. 

Escape the situation 

Yoga can be beneficial during a divorce because it allows you a temporary escape. When doing the poses, your focus is on your body, your breathing and your inner peace. This may leave no room for thoughts about the events unfolding as you and your spouse separate. 

Soothe your soul 

Divorce and the attendant stress can bring up a range of emotions and create considerable turmoil. The calming effects of practicing yoga can soothe the chaos. Daily practice can help you avoid the short- and long-term mental and physical effects of the stress from the divorce. 

Keep you busy 

Your schedule may drastically change due to the divorce, and you may find yourself spending much more time alone than you used to. This is particularly true if your children are with their other parent for any significant amount of time. Rather than killing time and feeling bored and lonely, you could practice yoga. You may take the focus off the absence of your family and turn your alone time into your opportunity for self-care. If you take yoga classes, the company of your fellow classmates may also help ease the sting of loneliness.