Guardianship Of Minors

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Many families encounter problems when a parent’s inability to provide a stable or safe home for a child attracts official attention. I am attorney Annette Baker, founder and principal of Baker Law. Over the past decade I have helped guide  grandparents, uncles, aunts and noncustodial parents on their legal alternatives when a child’s circumstances are likely to require intervention. If you are unsure of your rights, responsibilities or next steps in a custody assignment, content me. Call 978-922-2888 or email me.

Understanding Temporary And Permanent Guardianship

A temporary or permanent legal guardianship of a minor is one option that can prevent the need for a foster care. Circumstances such as a custodial parent’s physical abuse, drug or alcohol problem, or incarceration may cause you to seek guardianship of a minor.

  • For a temporary guardianship to be ordered in the best interest of the child, it is necessary to show that you are a suitable caregiver for the minor. The minor must need a new residence and the child’s parent (s) must be proved to be incapable of providing proper care or supervision.
  • In some cases, an application for legal guardianship will originate from your own concern for the child’s welfare in the home of a mentally ill, abusive or if there is a chemically dependent parent.
  • In other cases, you might apply for legal guardianship as an alternative to foster care placement of the minor when a Massachusetts Department of Social Services investigation is underway, or when a mandatory reporter has detailed circumstances of suspected abuse to a local child welfare agency.
  • In many cases, any child support payments that go to the minor’s parent will be paid to the court-appointed guardian.
  • When parental rights are terminated, as sometimes happens in cases of chronic drug use, severe abuse or certain felony convictions, the State normally assumes the legal guardianship of the minor putting the child in foster care in a licensed private home. There might be advantages in a specific case to foster care leading to adoption rather than a permanent guardianship arrangement for a grandparent or any other relative.

I will explain your rights and responsibilities under all the available options and we can talk through any concerns or questions you have in a meeting.

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Whether you are interested in a temporary guardianship of a minor, a relative foster care placement, or an adoption following a termination of parental rights, I can help. I have helped numerous families find a solution that is in the best interest of the child and works for caregivers. Call me, attorney Annette Baker at Baker Law at 978-922-2888.  You can also email me at my firm Baker Law.