Paternity: Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Parent


Both parents enjoy some legal rights in paternity disputes. Both parents, though, should be careful: exercising these rights can lead to responsibilities as well. For instance:

  • Are you an unmarried mother who is interested in obtaining child support payments from your child’s dad? Receiving child support payments may also mean that the father is granted child custody or visitation rights.
  • Are you a father who wishes to establish paternity or a relationship with your child? A relationship, custody rights or visitation rights may come with expensive child support payments.

I am Boston paternity attorney Annette Baker, the founder and principal at Baker Law. I assist mothers, fathers, same-sex parents or parents who have transitioned in paternity disputes. I can help you identify and achieve your paternity dispute goals while taking into account the unplanned-for results that a paternity dispute can lead to.

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Parent Roles Are Changing

Both parents, no matter what your gender, face important decisions in paternity dispute. As the bio-mom, if you don’t need the money that child support can bring, you might want to keep the putative dad out of the picture. As the bio-dad, you need to balance parental considerations with financial consideration as well.

I can handle your legal process and provide counsel even as early as the pregnancy. In fact, it is best to consult with me prior to birth so that important legal actions can be taken immediately. I can also conduct an investigation regarding criminal record, substance abuse and other issues that may affect the case. Make sure that you and I both have all the needed information to protect your paternity rights as soon as possible. To arrange a consultation, contact me my Beverly office. For immediate assistance call 978-922-2888.

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