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Child Support

Child Support in Massachusetts

Child support in the state of Massachusetts is determined by a formula contained in the law. In general, the formula takes into consideration such things as gross income, taxes and payroll deductions. Additionally, if one or both spouses own a closely held business or already pays child support from a previous marriage, the amount of child support owed can be affected as well. In cases involving high-asset estates, the court may also take into consideration the lifestyle a child is accustomed to and what the noncustodial parent can afford to pay. At Baker Law, we assist clients in matters related to child support and divorce, enforcement, and post-divorce modifications. Regardless of whether you are seeking child support in arrears or need a post-divorce modification regarding child support, contact divorce attorney Annette L. Baker today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

A Change In Circumstances And Modifications Of Child Support

Regardless of whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent, illness or the loss of employment can impact your material circumstances. Custodial parents who suffer illness or job loss may need to ask for a temporary increase in child support to help make ends meet. Alternatively, noncustodial paying parents may need to temporarily reduce child support when sickness or unemployment affects their ability to comply with the amount of support ordered by the court. As your attorney, Annette L. Baker prepares all necessary medical, work and financial information needed to file a child support modification petition with the court.

Child Support In Arrears And Enforcement Issues

Child support is a court order. When it is not paid, the parent ordered to pay child support is subject to wage garnishment, having his or her driver’s license suspended, being sentenced to jail, or having certain assets seized in extreme cases. As your attorney, Annette Baker works with forensic accountants and investigators, when necessary, to track down hidden assets and hold delinquent paying spouses accountable before the law.

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