Divorce For Seniors

Important Information About Gray Divorce/ Divorce For Seniors


Legally, a divorce is a divorce, regardless of age. Divorcing seniors, though, face challenges that are largely unique to their demographic. I am attorney Annette Baker. For over a decade I have worked with divorcing couples to find the best way to separate and move on. Over the years I’ve leaned four key facts. These are:

  1. Older couples can’t usually “start over” financially. The time to amass savings is the past. The time to protect savings is now.
  2. Seniors more often were in long-term marriages. Often the marriage produced children. The emotions that result from the dissolution of long-term marriages and that involve children and grandchildren can be overwhelming.
  3. People over 55 often face pressing health concerns. Questions of medical insurance and income can therefore be of pressing importance.
  4. Seniors often possess larger than average assets. Seniors therefore need legal help from a lawyer who is experienced in protecting high-value property.

If you are of a certain age and facing divorce in Massachusetts, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced attorney who understands “gray divorce.” As the founder and principal of Baker Law I can provide you with the diligent and knowledgeable legal assistance you need. I have assisted dozens of older divorcing couples understand and protect their rights regarding retirement assets, real estate, health insurance, pensions, Medicaid and alimony. Your retirement assets may already be serving as a source of income, and your emotional bond with your home may be strong. I understand the emotional journey you are on and can offer compassionate and practical advice regarding self-care and family communication. My firm is mediation-centric. This means that whenever feasible I work with couples to make agreements and settlements outside of the courtroom. For many people this process saves time, money and their emotional health. However, there are some cases and issues that can only be resolved with the help of the courts. I will work with you to understand which path is the best one to take given your goals.

Work With A Professional Who Understands Your Unique Divorce Challenges

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