Long Term Alimony

Two Important Things That Affect Long-Term Alimony


Certain facets of Massachusetts’ family laws are fairly cut and dry. Alimony laws do not fall into that category for several reasons:

  1. Duration of alimony: Currently, probate court judges can limit the duration of alimony. This means that absent an agreement during divorce proceedings, alimony will now only last until remarriage, the length determined by statute or other factors the court wishes to consider.
  2. Alimony reform: The Massachusetts’ legislature has adopted alimony reform, which allows for time limits to alimony. This means that having alimony last an indefinite duration is now highly unlikely.

I am Boston family law attorney Annette L. Baker. As the founder and principal of Baker Law I have helped hundreds of individuals on both sides of alimony disputes pay only what they should and receive all that they are entitled to. I will handle your divorce and alimony dispute by advocating for your rights and goals and by taking into account the numerous criteria the Massachusetts courts use when resolving alimony disagreements. To schedule a consultation regarding long-term spousal support, please call 978-922-2888 or email me.

Legal Help Now Can Mean Decades Of Appropriate Alimony Payments

Alimony challenges in Massachusetts can involve a lump-sum payment in lieu of long-term payments, which can seem like a good idea. However, if your ex-spouse remarries in six months, your alimony payments would have ended anyway. The result? An extremely costly error. If you are facing a divorce, it is imperative that you work with a family law lawyer who understands Massachusetts spousal support laws and stays current as the laws change. This is particularly true if there are multiple properties or in a marriage that has lasted many years or decades. While spousal support amounts are determined by individuals’ needs, other factors can affect courts’ decisions and, consequently, your finances. My firm and practice are mediation-centric. This means that whenever possible I work to settle things with negotiation out of court. Of course, there are some cases that involve egregious errors or unreasonable and unrealistic expectations where court is the best or only option. Once I hear your story and review the evidence I will let you know which path I believe is in your best interest.

Get The Correct Information About Changing Alimony Laws

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