Property Issues For NonMarried Couples

What You Need To Know About Property If You’re Not Married


When considering marriage, many individuals assume that marriage is “just a piece of paper.” In a way this is probably true. Legally, though, that is a very important piece of paper. Why? Because marriage is more than just one form of commitment. It is also a legal contract. And contacts can define your ownership or nonownership of valuable property.

With a marriage contract, you automatically own up to half of the property owned by you and your spouse. Without a marriage contract, your rights depend on other contracts and documents, like mortgages, titles and deeds. If you face a property challenge or dispute with a significant other who is not your spouse, contact me, lawyer Annette Baker, founder and principal of  Baker Law. I can address and work to resolve property disputes between unmarried couples by explaining and handling the wide range of issues affecting your case such as:

  • Do you own a house together or live in a house together? An equity action, sale or petition to partition may be advisable or even required to resolve your individual property rights.
  • Do you wish to protect your right to other property during or following a breakup? I can advocate your right to ownership for property ranging from cell phones and cell phone plans to vehicles, asset accounts and real property.

Often, separating couples choose to learn their full rights and options, and then negotiate ownership questions. It is likely you have property rights whether or not you are married. As a mediation-centric firm, I know that most things can be worked out outside of the courtroom. Mediation offers significant advantages, a few of them being flexibility and privacy. I can even meet via Skype. Mediation is also time and cost- effective. Most people feel like their side of the story been heard and their voice valued. As a seasoned litigator I also understand that mediation does not work for everyone all of the time. When we meet we can discuss the details and evidence of your case and decide which path is in your best interest.

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