Settlement Versus Trial

Settlement Versus Trial: What Is Your Best Option?


When it comes to resolving a divorce, there is a disparity between public perception and the realities of divorce proceedings. Typically, divorce disputes are portrayed and perceived as being resolved in the courtroom. More than 90 percent of divorce disputes, though, are resolved through mediation and settlement.

Mediation and settlement are common because they can save money, reduce conflict and save time. However, when couples face difficult obstacles, or one party wishes to have a “day in court,” courtroom litigation can be an effective or necessary option. Regardless of how your divorce dispute is resolved, it is essential to be prepared.

I am family law attorney Annette Baker. As the principal of Baker Law and with over a decade of helping Boston- area couples resolve their issues I am highly experienced in resolving divorce disputes through litigation, mediation and settlement. Whenever possible, I work to prevent the expense and delay of courtroom litigation, and provide thorough and results-driven representation when litigation can’t be avoided.

I Work To Keep You Out Of The Courtroom

In my years of experience, I have found that two issues generally prevent couples from resolving issues outside of court:

  • An overly aggressive and cash-hungry attorney. Many divorce attorneys seek out cases where the divorce will be a long and drawn-out battle that involves court. From a purely business standpoint this tack makes financial sense, because these cases prove to be more lucrative for the attorney who often has a staff and a large amount of overhead. But it often doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Sticking points over child custody or property division. In my experience most couples are aren’t as far apart as they think on these issues, and by working with an attorney whose focus is resolution instead of contention, these issues can be readily solved.

The difference between me and some other attorneys is that I return any portion of the retainer to you that was not used. I also only pursue options that protect your best interests, not my bottom line. I have succeeded in helping dozens of couples find common ground on stubborn sticking points, thus avoiding the stress, cost and risk of trial. Learn more about me and the dispute resolution options available by contacting my Beverly office.

Get The Dispute Resolution Guidance You Need

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