Social Media How Facebook Can Hurt You

Do’s And Don’ts On Facebook And Social Media During Divorce


People share information on social media that just didn’t get shared a few years ago. Similarly, people can now closely follow the goings-on of friends, family members and even exes through social media, whereas before they couldn’t. Posting too much information can hurt you. Do you have questions about social media and divorce? It’s better to know what can hurt you and how before you post details of an argument, date, vacation or new purchase. explain how social media (like Facebook) can hurt you during your divorce. I am Boston family law attorney Annette Baker. I want to help you help yourself when it comes to social media posts.

How Social Media Can Hurt You During Your Divorce

We’re all adjusting to the new realities of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and dating websites, so it makes sense that divorcing individuals sometimes overdo it a bit regarding social media. The fact is that sharing too much information or the wrong information online can have a negative effect on your child custody, property division and other family law rights. For instance:

  • New relationships can come back to haunt you: Are you divorcing and have a new partner? Posting pictures of a new partner and posting inappropriate “party” photos can be upsetting to your kids, especially older kids. Photos of high-cost activities with a new love interest can also cause problems when it comes to determining alimony and the fair division of property. The courts can take social media photos into consideration when making custody decisions.
  • Dating websites during divorce: Are you using a dating website during your divorce? A common practice is to “puff” income figures a bit on these sites. These inflated income figures from dating websites can be used in property division and alimony disputes.

The bottom line is that divorce is difficult and stressful and can be particularly hard on children. Your children should be shielded from chirpy news and updates regarding a new partner. Likewise, it’s smart to not make inflated income and asset statements official by putting them in writing anywhere. At the least, it can make a spouse angry, and an angry spouse can become an expensive and time-consuming divorce process. At worst, oversharing on social media can give the family law courts a reason to make decisions that are not in your best interest. As a seasoned family law attorney and principal of Baker Law I can help you navigate the pitfalls of dating while divorcing. For more information, please call me at 978-922-2888 or send a brief email.

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