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Group Approach

A Group Approach To Family Law Issues

I am family law attorney Annette Baker. For over a decade, I have helped numerous people successfully resolve their family law issues. I started my firm Baker Law to be able to offer compassionate help and creative solutions to people in need. As a family law attorney, I know a good deal about the law and the issues involved in a divorce, divorce with high assets/business, spousal and child support and custody. I also know that there are experts who know more than I do in some fields. These experts can more quickly and accurately assess specific matters.

Why Call In Experts?


This is why, especially in mediation, I call upon experts such as:


  • Accountants

  • Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Child Therapists

  • Others as the Situation Warrants


An expert can assess and resolve very specific financial, real estate or behavioral challenges. These experts have the necessary training, education and insights to offer unbiased feedback and advice. Calling in experts provides all parties with useful information. It often expedites the process because there is less contention with neutral third-party involvement.

When A Collaborative Process Works Best

I believe it saves time and money to do something correct the first time. I have come to this conclusion after numerous years working with couples who have not seen eye-to-eye on every detail. You may have noticed the treehouse imagery I have on my website. I chose this because sometimes we are standing at the base of a tree, or issue. Once we rise higher, we get a better perspective and can take in “the whole picture.” This helps with decision-making. While my mediation process is not formally “collaborative law,” it is a process of facilitation and collaboration. In my years of helping families, I have seen this process bring results that are durable and worth the upfront investment. No one really wants a miserable relationship and arguments and accusations to drag on and on. What we really want to is be heard. To know that we matter. And to have our needs realized and respected. The mediation process offers this. Taking a group approach and involving neutral experts often provides a clearer picture of what is needed for a true and lasting resolution.

Get The Resolution And Peace Of Mind You Deserve

Mediation can provide the guidance, understanding and support you need for a lasting resolution. It is going to work out and you are going to be okay. Give me a call today at (978) 922-2888 or email me; I can help.

Contact Info

Annette Baker Law

100 Cummings Center - Suite 207P
Beverly, MA 01915

(978) 922-2888

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