Marital Property Division

What To Consider In Marital Property Distribution

As you consider divorce, you naturally wish to have the strongest possible finances once your divorce is complete. You likely have several ideas and goals regarding marital property. The division of marital property, though, is highly complex; numerous tax, valuation and other considerations need to be considered at each step.


I am Annette Baker, principal of Baker Law, and I can assist you throughout the property division process. I will strategically address the many issues that can arise during the division of your home, real estate holdingsretirement assets and other key assets:

  • Do you wish to retain your home, or do you wish for your spouse and children to remain in the family home? I can help you understand the financial implications of all options regarding your home.
  • Does your divorce involve a family-owned business? Partnership interests, taxes and other issues may arise. I have helped dozens of clients faced with the valuation and transfer of professional associations and other businesses.
  • Do you and your spouse own stocks? Their current face value may be just a small part of their story. For instance, two sets of stocks may be of equal current value. They may, however, have grown in value at different rates. This means that one may be subject to substantial capital gains taxes while the other is not.

I will determine the accurate value of all marital property, then work with you to devise a property division strategy that meets your property goals while taking tax and other issues into consideration. For more information, please email me or call 978-922-2888. My firm is mediation-centric. This means that whenever possible I work to negotiate and settle things out of court. However, as a seasoned litigator with over a decade of experience in divorce, I also understand that some issues and personalities are better resolved in court. When we meet I will assess your case and evidence and advise you as to which route is in your best interest.

Protect Your Property Rights During Divorce

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