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As a divorcing person with marital real estate property, you face numerous decisions. How will the value of real estate property be valued? How will it be divided? And who can handle the numerous steps that the division of property requires? I am Boston real estate division attorney Annette L. Baker. As the principal and founder of Baker Law, I have  handled hundreds of divorce cases in Massachusetts and can provide you the guidance you need to ensure that properties are accurately valued and equitably divided.

Why Choose Baker Law To Handle Your Divorce?

Real estate property does not necessarily need to be divided during a divorce. Often, one spouse can receive other marital property of a value equal to the couple’s real estate portfolio. However property is divided, it is essential to have property accurately valued. Property should be valued by a third-party neutral appraiser. This will ensure a truly equitable division. When you work with me I will only resource highly respected and competent real estate appraisers. The goal is to obtain valuations that are accurate. Accurate appraisals save everyone time and money so that your best interests can be pursued.

Get A Clear-Headed Assessment Of Your Property

During divorce you will want to maximize the property you retain both during and after the divorce process. This does not mean, though, that it always makes sense to attempt to hold on to a large home or investment property if you are not accustomed to daily maintenance, property taxes and improvement costs. In some cases, to truly maximize your property the best option is to sell it. This is often true with lump-sum buyout of a rental or commercial property. I can also handle property transfers, the registration of deeds and other steps necessary once decisions are made. For more information, or to discuss your specific case, please contact me. You can also reach me at 978-922-2888.

Understand The Range Of Possibilities Regarding Property Division

My office is located in Beverly’s Cummings Center, an award-winning restoration of the former United Shoe Machinery plant. The Cummings Center features free parking, easy access by the MBTA bus and North Shore commuter rail, and convenient access via routes 1-A, 62 or 128. I accept all major credit cards. For immediate attention simply call 978-922-2888 or fill out the concise contact form and I will respond within 24 hours, typically.