Connecting With Me Through Skype

Connecting With Me Through Skype

Thanks to the wonders of technology, my services are available to those who live in the area and to those who live across the country.

I am family law attorney Annette Baker. For over a decade, I have helped couples in the Boston area use the mediation process and move forward to a better life after a divorce.

Connection Is Key

Divorce can be difficult because it can feel like a loss of connection. But when mediation is used to its full potential, it can be a way to connect, with the process, your feelings and yourself. So many people have benefited from this method that I wanted to offer it to people outside of Boston and Massachusetts. Skype allows me to connect to people across the country and even internationally. This is great news for people who have jobs that require travel or who live elsewhere.

Skype Can Save You Time And Money

Skype, or video conferencing, makes it possible for us to connect for mediation sessions. Skype is easy to use and with the proliferation of technology even on our laptops and phones, connecting is easier than ever to do so. You will not have to travel back to the Boston area or find days that you are in Boston to meet.

The Skype process will end with a memorandum of understanding. This is the end-point of mediation, resolving the issues. If you live outside the Boston area or outside the state, you can take the memo-of-understanding document and file it in the jurisdiction where you are, or take it to a lawyer for review before you do.

Find Out More About Skype Mediation

To find out if Skype can work for you and save you the hassle of travel to Boston, call me, attorney Annette Baker at Baker Law, at 978-922-2888. You can also email me.  Mediation is a cost-effective, private and accessible alternative to court.