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How should you handle your divorce at work?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Depending on the particulars of your divorce, you may want to sweep the matter under the rug at work. While understandable, are there people at the office whom you should tell?

Fast Company offers tips for handling divorce at work. To set the future of your career up for success, you must have certain conversations and take specific steps at the office.

Your Boss

At the very least, your boss should know about your marital split. You could need to take time off to attend legal meetings or court dates. Also, your work performance may dip because of how your divorce affects your mental health, and your boss should know that in advance.

Your HR Department

You must likely adjust your health insurance, retirement account, income withholding and life insurance while finalizing your divorce, which requires a visit to your employer’s HR department. Ask whether you must modify any other documents or forms to reflect your newly single status.

Your Future Earnings

Even if you receive alimony as part of your divorce settlement, you must still adjust your budget to account for a single income rather than two. Depending on your current and future financial obligations, you may want to consider asking for a raise or earning a promotion.

Your Work Schedule

If you have shared children with your ex, you could have to work out a custody arrangement and parenting plan. Spending time with your kids may require you to change your work schedule. For instance, if you travel a lot for work, you could have to scale back or modify your schedule so that you can enjoy bonding time with your children.

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