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How an Attorney Can Help You Find a Just Alimony

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Alimony is a payment from one divorced spouse to their spouse who requires support for some time.

Whether you are being asked to pay alimony in Massachusetts or you are a spouse in need of support and are fighting to get alimony, the process can be long and arduous, especially if you are unable to pursue divorce mediation.

Getting or changing alimony in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows you to ask for a change in alimony either together with your ex-spouse or on your own. You are also free to request alimony at any time after your divorce, even if it was not part of the original divorce judgment. If you do decide to ask for alimony during the course of your divorce, keep in mind that it is a separate process.

You will likely have an easier time settling on a fair amount if you can come to an agreement with your spouse through a process known as mediation. In mediation, both spouses work together with a neutral third-party to determine the terms of the divorce.

Using the services of a family law attorney

We encourage our clients to pursue a process of mediation. We understand, however, that sometimes this is not a viable option.

Whether you are seeking divorce mediation or you require representation in traditional litigation, a fair division of property and assets is critical in getting an alimony decision from the court. An attorney can help you evaluate the rates of valuation of any stocks, assess tax and partnership issues with a family-owned business and understand the options and implications of maintaining ownership of your home.

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