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Special Needs

Meeting The Needs Of A Special Needs Child

Divorce is rarely simple. With children, it often becomes more complex. If your family includes a special needs child, ensuring that the child’s needs are met during this process can feel overwhelming. However, with experienced guidance the process can be much smoother and less stressful.

Recognizing that both parents want what is best for their children is often the first step to ensuring that those needs are put first. Acknowledging the feelings that accompany a divorce and the effects that a major change can have on children is also important. I am attorney Annette Baker, the founder and principal of Baker Law. At my firm, the health and wellbeing of your family comes first.

A Compassionate Approach

People sometimes have a false notion that to have compassion or be compassionate is to be weak or complacent. This could not be further from the truth. Having compassion for your child, your ex and most importantly yourself can allow for growth and deeper insight. Taking a compassionate approach actually helps us to better care for ourselves and our family.

Facing The Truth About Special Needs Children

Study after study confirms that parents with special-needs kids are more likely to get divorced. Meeting the elevated needs of a child can be draining and cause friction and feelings of incompetence or “not being good enough.” I understand the ways in which these cases are different, and I can help you navigate so that you are prepared. We can also work together to avoid common shame-and-blame traps that couples can fall into.

Raising children can be emotionally, financially and physically draining. During a divorce it is wise to reserve your energy for the move forward, for the future. I work to ensure the process respects the dignity of all those involved. My goal is to focus the energy into the malleable future instead of throwing it back into the unchangeable past.

The courts do not always have a specific precedent or protocol when it comes to special needs children and divorce, support and custody. I, therefore, offer a creative approach. I know when it is in the child’s best interest to bring in specialists and procure the beneficial and available services your child needs.

Reach Out To Me For Experienced Special Needs Guidance

Divorce with a child who has special needs can feel insurmountable. But step by step, we will get through this. Call me at my Beverly Cummings Center office today at (978) 922-2888 or fill out our contact form. After helping numerous families find resolution, I can tell you that it’s going to work out. Together we will move forward toward a resolution that provides wholeness. You and your child are going to be okay.

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