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Compassionate And Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Perhaps you noticed the treehouse imagery on my site. I choose this because it represents my approach to family law. I believe there is a “higher perspective” that can be achieved when we allow ourselves to see the big picture.

I am attorney Annette Baker. I founded  so that I could offer a more holistic approach to family law issues, particularly divorce. I accept cases where I can bring the deep compassion, understanding, and kindness you and your family deserve during this challenging life phase.


I understand the many reasons a divorce or family law issue can become contentious, but I believe that by setting the right intention and moving forward with a sincere focus on resolution and wholeness, your experience can be one of growth and positive change.


For over a decade, I handled the most difficult family law cases in Massachusetts. These cases strengthened and called upon both my negotiation and litigation skills. I also realized through these hundreds of cases that there is another way. There is a way to, as curious as it sounds, brings people together when they want to live apart. Because the ultimate goal is resolution. The ultimate goal is to keep the family whole. The ultimate goal is keeping both body and soul together. The way to get there is to take a mindful approach. To find out a bit more about me, my experience, and my education, click on the link below:

I understand that each person has their own filters and perceptions, needs, wounds and wants. I will work with you on this journey to ensure you receive the empathetic and skilled advocacy you and your family need. I can help with:


We live in a time wrought with aggression and combative discourse. Divorce and family law do not have to be destructive. Quite the contrary: I work to ensure that this process is constructive. My approach is to ensure that you feel that this process was positive and cathartic.

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Your health and well-being, and the safety and sanity of your family are what really matters. If you are struggling with a family law issue or know that you need to end your marriage, please contact me. While some issues may feel insurmountable, I assure you they are not when you have the guidance, understanding, and support you need. Call me at my Cummings Center office in Beverly today at (978) 922-2888 or fill out my contact form here. I am here to help you and let you know that it’s going to work out.

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