Dating While Divorcing

What You Need To Know About Dating While Divorcing


In the past, divorce legal processes were influenced by a broad range of “moral”-related issues. With the advent of social media and dating apps it’s easier than ever to meet new people. There is nothing wrong with this and it is very common to date before a divorce is finalized. Though dating during your divorce won’t normally affect your divorce, it can if you make certain missteps. I am attorney Annette Baker, founder and principal of Baker Law.  For over a decade I have worked with divorcing couples understand the “rules” of  dating while divorcing. Two things everyone should be aware of:

  • It is ok to go on dates with someone you’re interested in. If you spend marital assets on your new partner, though, your property division rights may be affected.
  • Court officials may be concerned if you introduce your new romantic interest to your children prior to the finalization of your divorce. This is especially true if you are dating more than one person.

As you can see, this is largely just common sense stuff. Determining the right time to move on into a new relationship is something only you can determine. It’s your life and your needs. It just makes sense to take into consideration the court’s concerns as you enjoy your new relationship. This is to protect your interests.

Feeling Guilty Won’t Help Your Case. Being Smart Will.

As a practical person and a seasoned lawyer, I feel bad when my clients say that they are “racked with guilt” regarding dating within a marriage or during a divorce. All I can say is to take it easy on yourself and be smart. Being smart means being strategic and being discrete. Consider not charging flowers, get-aways and hotel rooms on a credit card! Soon the court will investigate the facts of your case. It makes sense to not leave a trail that leads to information you’d like to remain private. Also, certain behaviors will anger your spouse. An angry spouse can be an expensive spouse and a time-consuming spouse during a divorce. For more information regarding dating and divorce, please contact me. Call 978-922-2888 or send me your contact info and we can arrange a meeting. My practice is mediation- centric. This means whenever possible I work to mediate, negotiate or settle issues outside of the courtroom. For many people this is a viable, effective option. However, there are some cases that require further steps and a day in court. I will work with you to determine which route is the best for your goals.

Get Skilled Counsel And Insight On Dating While Divorcing

I welcome your questions about dating. I can offer seasoned advice and help you understand what not to do in order to protect yourself in the long run. Baker Law is located in Beverly’s Cummings Center, an award-winning restoration of the former United Shoe Machinery plant. The Cummings Center features free parking, easy access by the MBTA bus and North Shore commuter rail, and convenient access via routes 1-A, 62 or 128. I accept all major credit cards. Call  978-922-2888 or take a moment to reach out via the email form.